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WKD Morticia- English version

Dreams come true, and if you really, really want and you help them a bit they come true sooner than you may expect.
When I first saw What Katie Did Morticia corset I totally fell in love with it and wanted to buy my own as soon as I collect enough money... Which is £169.50. That's a lot even for someone who does not save up on quality.
That is why when a mate found an auction on eBay I decided to buy the corset right away! I payed 1/3 of the price (£55) and couldn't wait for the parcel to come!

I've got it at last... I am stunned :-) I am still so excited... 

OK - it's time to write down what impressed me so much
1. Marvellous shape - am am absolutely delighted with the shape and the reduction it gives. I didn't expect any mass produced corset to be able to give you such a stunning hip spring.
2. Fantastic hip gores - Not seen at the first glance. They are not boned.
3. External boning channels - so neat and lovely. Made from the same fabric as the rest of the corset.
4. Floating lining
5. Huge modesty panel. Unfortunately it is not boned. And I already feel that with the 4" gap I need some more support for my back. I will have to figure out how to bone it without removing it (it is attached to the lining so any attempt to remove it and suspend later on will surely lead to the severe damage)
6. Absolutely gorgeous fabric it it is made of - raw silk. It is not as popular as satin and looks really elegant.
7. A really wide busk and strenghtened panel under it. 

What else? I have no idea! I will probably have some other impressions later on. So far I have been wearing it every day for a few hours to break it in. 

SnowBlack and Morticia together :-)

(this review is not a direct translation of my previous Polish one - yet it is really similar :-) )

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