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Atelier Sylphe Patterns - mock up

Pisałam kiedyś, że lubię pracować z nowymi wykrojami i próbować nowych technik szycia. Nie moge wyobrazić sobie gorszej rzeczy, niż brak radości z szycia.
Dlatego staram sie wciąż rozwijać i przyjmować wyzwania, jakie niesie świat i nowe wykroje! :-)
Ostatnim z nich jest wykrój Atelier Sylphe - marzyłam o nim przez dłuższy czas, w końcu zrobiłam sobie 'podchoinkowy prezent' i oto jest.
Do tej pory udało mi się uszyć mock up. Nie mogę się doczekać chwilki wolnego czasu, aby przekształcić ten wykrój w prawdziwy gorset!

I once wrote, that I like to keep myself motivated by trying new patterns and new techiques whenever possible. I can think of nothing worse than turning your hobby and passion into a repetitive, dull activity that you cease to enjoy. What is more - my personal opinion is that you will never be able to consider yourself an expert in the field of corsetry in general. You might like one technique of sewing but not feel comfortable with some others, you might love working with velvet but hate leather, embellishments can be your greatest love or you might simply find it 'too much' and thus not work on these particular skills. Yet, if you want to find what you really enjoy you MUST experiment with the techniques. Otherwise you will never know.

But what is the point of this whole long introduction, you might ask ;-)  Be patient, I'm revealing that right now!
 There are a few corsetieres I adore, admire and try to learn from. One day, when I finally find some time to organize myself I will write a few words about each of them. Today I will just mention Joelle - the owner of Atelier Sylphe
I don't know what features you associate with a corsetiere, but for me Joelle is the exemple of an artist who worships the past turning it into present in the best way possible. She collects real antique pieces, spends probably endless hours examining them and finally prepares patterns so accurate and detailed that they practically 'sew themselves'.
I had wanted to buy one for quite some time, yet I couldn't make up my mind. But when I saw my friend-in-corsetry
Katarina's corset (here featured in Atelier Sylphe's Etsy listing) I instantly fell in love with it!
I couldn't resist the temptation and made myself a Christmas gift!

Now I am waiting for some time off to sew it. I've already made the mock up (here it the photos it is unboned) and got lovely black raw silk - now they wait until I finish my commissions :-). 

Mam nadzieję, że szybko go skończę i będę mogła podzielić się efektem pracy. Tymczasem nacieszcie swe oczy oryginałem!

 I hope to finish it quickly and share the images with you. In the meantime you can feast your eyes on the original corset. Bon appétit!!!!

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